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Early LifeEdit

“Aakrion, there is a fine line between a protector and a murderer; it is up to you to know where to draw that line.” Those were the words my father imparted to me when I left into the unknown; into the abyss of lies, despair, and murder. I knew little of the path that was before me when I left my home of eighteen years, but now I am here, in my forties, and I am rewriting the events of my life that have come to pass for future generations to learn from. So they can become powerful, great commanders of the tool we use called the Force.

Aakrion was born 19 BBY, in the sprawling capital of Corellia, Coronet. His father was a self-exiled Jedi Knight who survived Order 66 due to being on a solo mission when it was executed. His father loosely followed the Jedi Code, nearly being exiled for his careless actions. Aakrion was a force sensitive baby, meaning he had the ability to bend the Force to his will. The Empire had overlooked the child’s birth due to him being born several months after its establishment. The Empire was in the middle of a big undertaking. The Emperor, former Chancellor Palpatine, had to shift complete control of power to his glorious Empire. Months prior to Paladine’s birth, the Chancellor of the Republic, Palpatine, won the Clone Wars, a period of civil war. The Jedi betrayed the Chancellor with an attempt to assassinate him. Paladine’s father denied these accusations, but the facts were all there. So as Aakrion was overlooked, his parents had a moment of relief.

Three years later, the Empire began going through Coronet to check for young force sensitives to be trained to serve the Empire. Furious, Aakrion’s parents ran away from Coronet, and moved to the outskirts of Kor Vella. Finally away from the public, Aakrion started learning to command the force. His father taught him the Jedi Code, but not to strictly follow. He said that is was more like guidelines, and to not take it so literal. He told his son that the Code was the true downfall of the Jedi, and Aakrion believed it. He didn’t listen to his father; he threw the Code away entirely. It was a nuisance, and an unneeded set of rules; it bound him to something that was unexplainable. Paladine didn’t like being restrained needlessly.

That reminded me; the teachings of the Jedi were constantly in my head. I never could get rid of them. It was a ringing in my skull that ceased to stop. At one point when I was seven, I was hanging out with friends, and they taunted me to steal a lady’s purse; I gave in. I saw an old lady heading down an ally, so I was off. I sprinted, barely dodging the adults commuting to their jobs elsewhere. I turned into a skid, regained traction on the street, and continued into the ally. I took incredible leaps over obstacles that were between me, and that bag. Oh how I wanted to prove myself to my childhood friends, and I did. I leapt far at the bad, knocking the lady hard on the metal street below us. I fell with her, and landed on top, I took the bag, and trampled her getting out. I earned the respect of my friends, and I don’t regret it. That lady wasn’t like I was; she deserved to be as good as dirt.

Aakrion was an Anzat, or Anzati. The Anzati were a species of near-humans who fed off the lives of other creatures. They had tentacles that hid in pouches on the sides of their noses to keep them hidden from their pray. When they attacked, if it was a seasoned killer, could use the Force to trick the minds of their prey. When they attacked, they showed their tentacles, and they would go up the nasal cavity in the brain, and drink the liquid the brain produced. This was a constant need for Anzat that were beginning to show major signs of aging. The older they got, the more often they needed to kill, and feed. Their lives could naturally last long from this, but would sometimes turn them into insane, mindless killers. Aakrion did not yet need to hunt, but his father taught him anyways.

Training CommencesEdit

At age thirteen, his father believed he was ready to start to truly train. The training he endured was intense. The Jedi Knight focused on the core powers, such as force push; a power where you command the force to move an object away with you with a certain amount of force. Aakrion struggled early on with his training, until he found the key.

“Come on boy! Let the Force flow through your body. Focus it on a single object! Let the Force move that object!” My father would constantly bark orders like that. Remembering those commands bring me back to a time. We were training, focusing on using the Force to push objects, and he was yelling at me, like always. The lightsaber, the tool of a Jedi Knight, and the weapon to me, was the object I was learning to push. As I focused on it, I let the force flow through, and it shook subtlety. I was disappointed, by He continued to yell at me, scold me, and curse at me. I grew rapidly in frustration. I could no longer hold it inside me, after all these years, I finally blew up. The rage engulfed me, and objects I was no where near flew around the room, some pelting my father, shattering other objects too fragile to handle impact. I finally understood what I had to do; the key was rage. I had to use my emotions, they multiplied my abilities, and it made me, powerful! I knew that soon, I would be unstoppable. I had to control the force, it was the puppet, and I its master, and forever shall it be that way.

The new discovery of using emotions to fuel his power brought him on to a whole new level. As a result of that his father did little to discourage his actions; he was blinded by pride. Aakrion was overwhelmed with this new level of power; he loved the thrill it gave him when his emotions multiplied the outcome of his abilities. Aakrion forever shunned the views of the Jedi at this point; he felt that their views were entirely incorrect; moreover, they were backwards. He felt the only way was to control the Force, bend it to his will. Aakrion wanted to be the Master of the force, and soon, he would be.

Aakrion finally was ready to begin training in lightsaber combat. He was given an old training lightsaber by his father. Aakrion understood the repeated statement, “Let the lightsaber be an extension of your arm.” After hours of painstaking training, Aakrion found it very simple to let the Force flow through him, and in turn his weapon. He focused his emotions of hate, despair, and sorrow to fuel him, to increase his strength. These tactics lead to him besting his father many times. He showed great potential with a lightsaber, and with that, Aakrion was ready for his very own. So he, with his father, went to the world of Ilum.

Ilum was a cold, barren world; moreover, it was never colonized. Aakrion’s father led him into a cave. Once inside, Aakrion was marveled by the overwhelming spectacle. There were crystals all over, on the walls, the ground, and even on the ceiling. With the little amounts of light shining through, it made the crystals twinkle like stars on a clear night. As Aakrion walked through the cave, he had the sensation he was walking in space. After absorbing the marvelous sight, Aakrion returned to the matter at hand. He found a crystal that he felt reflected his life, a dark crimson crystal. He felt a connection to that crystal; he knew it was the right one for him. Aakrion spent hours meditating, creating his new lightsaber. As hours went by he fell into a trance, which lasted a day. He snapped out of the trance when he completed his lightsaber at last. The feeling of accomplishment moved through his body energizing him. He ignited the lightsaber, and the blade climbed to the top. The blade shown blood red, humming ever so quietly; Aakrion was ready for the challenges to come.


Now at the age of fifteen, Aakrion’s strength increased daily. His father began to run out of what he could teach the boy. He then thought what he could teach his son, the dark side. His father warned him only once, and it was never firm to never use what he was about to teach him in the heat of passion. Aakrion threw the warning aside with a “Yeah, yeah,” and began to learn. His father learned these techniques from a hermit after the Jedi Purge. He taught Aakrion to focus energy into his fingertips, and release them to create lightning. He even taught him how to command the Force to choke the vital organs of another person again their will, and ultimately kill them.

Years went by, and his father could no longer teach his son. Aakrion surpassed his father in all that he knew. Annoyed, he decided to leave on his own, for good. His father suddenly realized the monster he had created out of his carelessness. He stood in front of the door, and stopped Aakrion from disembarking. Aakrion commanded his father to move aside and let him pass, but his father disobeyed him. He once again ordered his father to step aside, and like the last time, his father denied him. Enraged for being disobeyed, he released a wave of energy pushing his father into the door, knocking him on the ground. Aakrion opened the door and stepped over his weak father, and exited his home of seventeen years. He began the long trek that was his life, but he had one final thing tying him down.


Aakrion heard the snap of a lightsaber being ignited, and listened to it hum. He used the force to unhook his lightsaber, and call it to his hand as he turned around. His own lightsaber hummed to life as he glared at the green blade glowing, prodding at his mind. He would not accept defeat at the hands of his father, no matter the outcome. He leapt with incredible force at his father striking down at his head. The blow was easily blocked. Aakrion grunted and continued with a volley of attacks, but they were only met with the Jedi’s lightsaber. He jumped, and flipped, over the Jedi and attempted to stab him. The Jedi dove aside with ease. Aakrion lunged once more at the Jedi trying to hack off his right arm but it was again, parried. The Jedi leapt as high as he could, but he was only met with Aakrion on his decent, who hit him with a combination of kicks to the stomach. Aakrion landed a meter away from his enemy who was on the ground writhing with pain. Aakrion flipped over and stomped his foot on the Jedi’s hand, shattering the bone. Aakrion took the lightsaber and held it to the Jedi’s throat.

He turned off the lightsaber and tossed it aside, also designating his own, putting it on his belt. He lifted the Jedi up with the force and pushed him into a nearby tree, resulting in knocking off all the leaves. His enemy collapsed on his back, and Aakrion began to rain lightning down upon him. The Jedi screamed with fear but Aakrion continued. Suddenly he stopped. He lifted the Jedi up, but instead this time, he was gasping for air. He pulled out his lightsaber, and stabbed the Jedi in the stomach. He let him suffer, and the Jedi weakly said these words, “Aakrion, there is a fine line between a protector and a murderer; it is up to you to know where to draw that line.” He picked up his fathers lightsaber, and clipped it on his belt and left to Kor Vella star port.

When he attempted to stop me from leaving the second time I commanded him to move aside, he was no longer my father. He became a Jedi, one of those ignorant people who think that the Force commands them. They think they can help people with the Force, and well they can’t. Palpatine’s Empire has done more for us than the Jedi ever have. My father also, was never my master. He did simply what a father does, impart his knowledge to his offspring so that they can learn from it, and become more. I learned from him, and I became more than he could of ever been. I’m still rising, I cannot be stopped. My father is now a part of my history, one chapter of my life ended with him.

Leaving HomeEdit

Aakrion left Corellia, his past, and started a new life on Dantooine. There he felt, was the only proper place for him to be all that he can be. He now was twenty, had lifetimes ahead of him. Dantooine was teeming with the Force. It was a perfect place to train. He trained in the ruins of the old Jedi Temple, he absorbed the Force. His presence in the temple ruins tainted the light side energy that was there, just an echo from another distant world. It was so very similar, and so different. He trained on Dantooine for the remainder of his twentieth and twenty-first years.


Now twenty-two, he was still on Dantooine. Aakrion knew he was stronger, but he was weaker. He lost the anger, the hate, everything that empowered him when his father was killed. He was once again, weak; a fraction of his former self. He tried to find that fuel he once had but he couldn’t. Aakrion searched for a way to make anger, but coming to Dantooine ruined that. He regretted killing his father; it took away the emotions that made him powerful. Defeated, he returned to Corellia. He wanted to see his mother again. Aakrion trekked back to Kor Vella, Corellia. He was still depressed about the outcome of killing his father. His father ruined him from the grave. He felt as though he was as good as dirt, in fact at this point, he pretty much was. He walked the ten miles to his old home outside of Kor Vella. He opened the door to his home and found the inside torn apart. There was carbon scoring on the walls inside leading to the master bedroom. There, he saw the dead body of his mother. He realized the dead body of a CorSec officer; he understood why they did this. Someone must have seen him and his father fighting, and reported it to CorSec. He was the reason for her death; he killed her, not CorSec. Aakrion shook, he exploded with rage. The room was torn apart, similar to the way it was when he first let his emotions get the better than him, but on a higher magnitude. Aakrion left Corellia, he knew he had nothing left there. However, he had yet to realize what had just transpired. Oblivious to what had just happened; he left, this time to Tatooine.

Rekindling of PowerEdit

Aakrion remained on Tatooine, killing when necessary for him to prevent the aging process. Months after the incident on Corellia, Aakrion realized what he rediscovered. He had unlocked the emotions that were the key to his power. He knew he was in danger of being discovered so he disappeared from the public eye until he heard that a band of rebels overthrew the Empire and created a Republic. That republic was called the New Republic, and didn’t hunt force users. He left Tatooine for Coruscant; there he could blend in but still train. Soon he heard of a Jedi Master who rebuilt the Jedi Order. Aakrion was enraged, but knew he had to keep himself a secret more in fear that this new Jedi Master would hunt him down and kill him.

Years continued to fly passed and Aakrion witnessed the rise of a brilliant military leader, Grand Admiral Nagel. Nagel mixed the use of war, and propaganda, to sway the galaxy to his side, and make the newly formed republic crumble. This lead a gap for Nagel to take over, which in fact, he did.

I watched Nagel rise to power, and set up his empire. I witnessed the destruction of two governments, and the rise of two more. As I stood back in the shadows, watching what policies this new leader would make against force sensitives, I trained. I found this the perfect opportunity to start walking on my path to greatness, and power. This time, I was in a sprint. I had no clue how long I had till the government would become stable enough for him to hunt down force users, if that was his position. Soon, my sprint came to a walk, then to a standstill when Force users started disappearing. I changed from a force user, to a simple civilian. I held up this persona until a sith, a powerful dark force user began attacking the newly formed Empire.

The Second Galactic EmpireEdit

Aakrion realized this was the perfect time, because certainly the what would be called Praetorium would need a powerful, strong willed force user to fight for them. Aakrion joined the ranks of the Praetorium and helped wage war against the Empire. The Praetorium was winning, and Aakrion loved killing the Jedi that were dumb enough to stand in his way of glory. This war was the true test of strength to Aakrion, and he relished in it. However, the war turned bad, and Aakrion nearly died on several occasions. The war soon after ended in the Empire and Jedi’s favor and Aakrion disappeared into the shadows once again. Within two years of the Praetorian War’s end, the galaxy turned against the Jedi.

Aakrion was happy, the Jedi were once again being destroyed. He would sometimes discreetly assassinate the Jedi out of the public eye. He still had to fear for his own life. Aakrion would narrowly escape being detected by the Imperial soldiers, and so he stopped hunting the Jedi. He now had to hide, or become an Imperial himself to survive. The Praetorian wars created issues for Aakrion. Like many soldiers returning from a long bloody war, he had returned a very changed man. Though, he didn't have shell-shock, or post-dramatic stress disorder, he developed schizophrenia. He became paranoid at times, sometimes dilusional, and developed a different way of thought. The Aakrion Atredius that entered the fight in the Praetorian Wars, wasn't the same Aakrion Atredius that survived the wars.

The second Empire was oppressive on us. They’re purge against the Jedi however, was just. They would have repeated what they did to the Republic by trying to take it over. The Jedi are a worthless group of backstabbing force users. I want to destroy them, just like I did with my father. They are a blemish on society, and tear it apart. They impart their “wisdom” upon us, when it doesn’t save them. They are worthless, as good as dirt; they give nothing to the galaxy. It is my duty to help clean our galaxy of the Jedi, whether they like it or not. The Jedi will once again bring the galaxy in ruins, and force a brilliant leader to pick up the pieces. I am fourty-two years old, and I will do what needs to be done. Killing the Jedi will prove how powerful I am. I cannot stop on my journey to be the very best, never. One day, I will reach that point, and it will be soon. First, I will have to kill a Jedi Master to prove I am powerful. My father was the beginning, and I will be the end. But this, this is not now. The deaths of the Jedi will have to wait.

Lightsaber CombatEdit

Aakrion utilized his knowledge of the lightsaber forms into his own. The style was still considered Form V Djem So, but Aakrion added influences from the more elegant Form II, Makashi, the defensive style of Form III Soresu, and the much darker Form VII Vaapad. Aakrion built a lightsaber to accomidate his personalized version of Djem So that had a curved hilt. The curved hilt lightsaber that Aakrion created favored the powerful overhand strikes that Djem So had. It also allowed him near-perfect flexability, but it made deflection easier, which helped with the Makashi and weakened Soresu influences in his style. The curved hilt also gave the wielder an upper hand in duels due to the highly unsuall and rarely seen style. Aakrion also built a staff lightsaber, or a double-bladed lightsaber to combat against multiple melee weapon weilding combatants.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Aakrion had tanned skin as a teenager, but his journey down the Dark path mutated him. His skin lost its pigmentation, establishing an ashy grey tone. His eyes, regardless of his morality within the Force, were naturally an amber color, the only vibrant color on his entire body. He was of average size; six feet tall, with a slightly muscular build, however it was hardly noticeable. His submission to the dark side caused the growth of horns, making him look oddly identical to a Zabrak, despite his species being Anzati. To compliment his horns, he also styled his hair in a long, jet black pony tail.


Aakrion has a tendency for arrogance, commonly over-judging his capabilities to exceed his own reality. He is cold, calculating, and feeds off his emotions, and his drive for revenge, causing him to go too far. However, his traumatic service in the Praetorian Wars caused him to develop a mental disorder known as Schizophrenia. The disorder commonly plants voices that are not of his own into his head, which he occassionally will carry on a conversation with. This case of Schizophrenia has allowed him to see the humor in life, in all of its forms, making him quite the comedian, even in the most dire situations.

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