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Early LifeEdit

“Anger, hatred, and fear will inevitably lead you to the Dark Side.” That saying had become so overused, so commonly stated it has become cliché. It is almost as though you couldn’t be a Jedi Master, unless you preached that line to the choir. Hearing the constant repetition of that line was aggravating to say the least. Even the Jedi Code was beginning to become far less than the pedestal they placed it upon. Everything about the Jedi was absolutely contradictory. Preaching to let go of emotions, when emotions were nearly hardwired into the brain of every single living sentient being in existence. Condemning such feelings is, unreal; it makes you artificial, like a droid. But are they really condemning all feelings, or are they just condemning the ones they don’t like? The Jedi Order is so… Controlling. They dictate every possible part of your life, and regulate what little freedom you have. It makes me wonder if the true evil of this galaxy are the Jedi, who oppress the ones they teach, or is it the Sith, who oppress those they conquer? What is the right path? Is it the one I’m on or am I going the opposite way? There must be something more to this than meets the eye, there must be.

Two-thousand years before the rise of the Galactic Empire and the Battle of Yavin was the precise year that an Anzat named Abscond Atredius was born on the planet. The birth of this baby was a rarity in the galaxy, due to the fact that the Anzati species rarely bred. Their numbers were most certainly few, but never exact. Anzati were a near human species, but they differed in various different ways. They lacked body heat, as well as a pulse, how their circulatory system functions is completely unknown. They also had proboscises, or tentacles, that they would use to eat their prey’s brain by entering their nasal cavity. Their proboscises were commonly coiled up in hidden pockets on either side of their nose to blend with others far easier.

Abscond was born into a world that was finally in an uneasy peace, though it would soon after be broken. The galaxy was in a thousand year period of peace, after the constant conflicts that arose, such as the Sith War, Mandalorian Wars, Jedi Civil War, and the Galactic Civil War, which took place between the Sith Empire and the Republic. However, that peace would be quickly broken when an Umbaran Jedi Master named Phanius fled the Jedi Order, and established the New Sith Order. Unbeknownst to himself, Abscond would soon become a part of this conflict, whether he gave his consent or not. It was only a year later that the one year old child would be taken from his family and his home and thrown into a world of awe, and danger.

Abscond was nurtured by various Jedi Knights, who taught him how to speak, which gave him a thick Coruscanti accent. The Jedi would brain wash him, bringing him into their way of thinking, though all the brain-washing in the world couldn’t erase the nature of his being as an Anzat. His darker side, influenced by his instincts became dormant through the indoctrination of the Jedi, which gave extreme ease to those around him. Though he was rambunctious, constantly bouncing off the walls some caretakers would claim. Many times he would wear out his caretakers who would attempt to catch him as he ran around the room, running under the legs of Jedi and in circles around them. He wouldn’t last long; usually however, he would quickly run out of energy as quick as those who watched over him. Regardless, he was a lot to handle which started to become problematic.

Clan of the WolfEdit

A year later, at age four, Abscond was finally put into a youngling clan. The one he was placed in was that of the Wolf, an animal he had begun taking a liking to shortly thereafter, but perhaps it was just due to his nature, which was similar to that of a wolf’s, a predator. Regardless, he lived life as any youngling would, blissfully ignorant. Though, it wasn’t long after being placed in Wolf Clan, that he met a Kel’Dor named Kar Lesspan. The two younglings became great friends rather quickly, developing a brother like bond between each other. The two bunked in the same room together with two others from their youngling group, a Twi’lek and a Bothan.

Abscond and the rest of Wolf Clan had yet to receive their training lightsabers; it was the moment to shower them with Jedi philosophy. They learned very simplistic points, such as don’t kill, especially in cold blood. Many would consider the teachings to be very obvious, for they were essentially teaching the younglings common sense. It was a hard concept for Abscond to grasp, due to the issue that he was constantly fidgeting in his seat. He was scolded many, many times for his hyperactivity but he seemed to rarely stop, many times making it simply less noticeable. This issue began to cause problems with his sleeping habits, sometimes not allowing him to sleep. The mornings when he lacked sleep were the quietest ones of all.

The Tool of the Jedi; Weapon of the SithEdit

It wasn’t many months later when Abscond was finally handed his first lightsaber, a training saber. The training sabers did no mortal damage, and could only do as much as a minor burn. They were immediately thereafter taught more common sense on how to be safe with the training lightsabers. Though, the long, agonizing, impatient wait was finally over when the Jedi Instructor finally told them to ignite their blades. They were immediately thrust into basic defense moves, such as parries to block a blow to a Jedi’s extremities. Both Abscond and Kar picked up rather quickly, quicker than the others.

The Coruscant temple was always bustling with an aura of nervousness; whispers of the Sith and their dark lord Darth Ruin, formerly Jedi Master Phanius. Numerous instances over the months come to pass, Jedi that once were, never returned to the temple. It was as though a dark grey cloud was forever suspended over the Jedi Temple, casting a gloomy and depressing feeling. Many of the Jedi Knights tried to keep themselves looking strong for the younglings, but sometimes it was not enough. The negativity trickled down to the younglings, affecting some, and tearing apart others. This constant state of ever-changing emotions crashed upon Abscond, like an ocean wave on cliffs. His moral being was very gradually eroding away.

I didn’t know what the whispers all meant, and why all these Jedi weren’t returning. I was too ignorant to understand that a war was raging outside of the confines of the Jedi Temple. I had no clue of the gravity of the situation, and the dangers that were on my doorstep. Though, the friendship I established with the Kel’Dor Kar helped neutralize the negativity by keeping my mind off all the whispers and the secrets. We would end up catching ourselves going on adventures around the Jedi Temple, sometimes in areas Initiates weren’t permitted to enter, but we did it regardless and enjoyed it. Sometimes I think my friendship with that humble Kel’Dor is what kept my mind right, and stopped me from realizing who and what I really was.

At age six, the Jedi Instructors began to teach Abscond and the rest of Wolf Clan Shii-Cho styled attacks. Shii-Cho was the first form of lightsaber combat and the most fundamental form. All Jedi Initiates learned Shii-Cho, which focused on the essentials of blocking the Jedi’s extremities, and attacking the extremities of the enemy. Both Abscond and Kar were naturals at lightsaber combat and both had an edge that most others did not. Regrettably, the younglings were yet to spar against each other, and used small round droids that shot weak blaster rounds at them. Despite the inability to spar, Abscond took a great liking to what little lightsaber combat he was introduced to. The hum of the blade was a soothing sound of white noise that created music to him, and the hiss of the lightsaber blade blocking the blaster shot were like snares. The atmosphere made him feel at one with himself, and it was the only place where his hyperactivity didn’t get him scolded.

A Jedi's Ally; A Sith's ToolEdit

The following year, Abscond’s seventh year, they were introduced to actually manipulating the Force. The instructors were amazing, using it to release pulses of energy that would push the other back, and sometimes grip the other and pull them closer to each other. The power of the Force left young Abscond in awe and hungry for power. They began by teaching them how to push small objects, something, like lightsabers, came quite naturally to the Anzat. They stated that a person had limits due to use of the Force being both mentally and physically draining on the user. The statement was one Abscond laughed at and shrugged off in his hunger. They slowly built up their strength with the power to pushing an object half their sizes, which started becoming more mentally demanding. It wasn’t until they started learning levitation of objects that Abscond experienced trouble. It was with levitation that he developed a tough time, mainly due to the fact he was always fidgeting and couldn’t hold focus. He struggled the entire lesson, but it was when they moved onto pulling small objects that Abscond came back into the swing of things.

It was ridiculous, I should have been able to do something that simple, but what was simple is that I couldn’t! It’s outrageous! I should be able to control my own body well enough to keep focus on the demanding task at hand, but I was absolutely helpless. I loved how simple and spontaneous it was to push something, and even pull something, but the focus required to hold something several inches above the ground and keep it stationary was just, impossible. The art of lightsaber combat, however, is simply amazing. Watching the Jedi Masters spar against one another was a treat. I remember always wishing to grow up to be as great as them. Oh how foolish was I, how naïve.

When Sparks CollideEdit

It was when Abscond had reached ten years of age when he and the rest of his youngling clan started to spar against one another. Abscond was excited to prove how skilled he was with lightsaber combat and he was quite skilled. Abscond had defeated the numerous opponents he was put up against, as did the Kel’Dor Kar. This annoyed Abscond greatly for he wanted to be the best, and didn’t want to share that title with someone, especially not with his own friend. Abscond started to develop a competitive mindset, moving him and Kar from friendship, and into bitter rivals. However, it wasn’t until annual tournaments held in the temple for the initiates to essentially showcase their knowledge that the two rivals finally combated each other.

A wave of anxiety washed over Abscond as he stepped into the dueling pit. He was ready for this moment, and it would be his moment. He clenched his robes while Kar stepped into the pit. This is it, the finals. This is my moment, and Kar won’t take that away from me! Never, thought Abscond. An almost sinister grin formed on his face as a Jedi Master stated, “Bow to your opponent.” Both younglings did exactly as they were told, kow-towing respectively. “Ignite your lightsabers and begin,” ordered the Jedi Master. Abscond ignited his lightsaber with a snap-hiss which transformed into a soothing hum. The ice-blue blade glowed; casting a blue light on the young Anzat’s face. Kar on the other hand had a lush green blade.

The two younglings rotated in a circular motion, still facing each other, which quickly made Abscond impatient. He darted at Kar screaming, bringing his lightsaber downward in attempt to hit Kar on his shoulder, but it was easily parried. He applied force on the Kel’Dor’s blade growling as the blades hissed from elongated contact. Abscond smiled and broke the saber lock, swinging for Kar’s right leg, but the green blade was quick to meet the blue. Abscond tapped Kar’s blade, and rebounded off it, slashing towards his left arm, but again it was parried. Abscond quickly retreated, trying to calculate his next sequence, but his thoughts were quickly broken as Kar swept for Abscond’s bicep, but he quickly and easily ducked, dodging the attack. He popped back up making a stab at the Kel’Dor’s chest, but the Kel’Dor easily swatted the Anzat’s attack to the side.

The two dualists retreated from one another, catching their breath. Anger began to build up inside of Abscond, but he quickly suppressed it with the sound of his lightsaber. He closed his eyes letting the sounds around him fill him as he developed a strong connection to his weapon. He entered a state of serenity the moment he opened his eyes, and watched Kar race towards him. Abscond decided it was his turn to go on the defensive and drain some of Kar’s energy so that he can gain the upper hand. The flurry of Kar’s saber was rather easily defended by his own. Abscond could see the Kel’Dor beginning to tire by his face and he stepped on his foot, causing Kar to trip and fall on his face. As Kar rolled onto his back, Abscond pointed the blade to Kar’s throat. “End! Abscond is the victor,” praised the Jedi Master.

Abscond left the room with a wave of accomplishment, and was quickly thereafter met by a Jedi Master. The Jedi Master had been in awe with his performance throughout the tournament, primarily in the end against Kar. Phelen Ward as he was called took Abscond as his padawan that very moment. Abscond acted as though he were standing in front of a celebrity, absolutely dumbstruck. He was lost for words, babbling nonsense; he just simply did not know what to do with himself. However, he didn’t realize he had just stepped into a far larger world than the confines of the Jedi Temple.

I never realized the competitive attitude I had until we began sparring. It destroyed the closest friendship I had, though I didn’t have many other friendships. Our friendship dissolved into nothing, then out of the ashes grew a bitter rivalry. However, out of that negativity came something positive. I was taken under the wing of a Jedi Master. I would no longer have to stay locked in the temple and I could see the world.

A Jedi Padawan At LastEdit

Abscond began training almost immediately thereafter. Master Ward sought to strengthen his padawan’s weakness, using more focal Force powers. Abscond, like before, struggled indefinitely unable to focus properly. Phelen couldn’t seem to understand why his padawan had such difficulty focusing and continued to push him harder and harder. Abscond complained and whined constantly, claiming he just simply couldn’t do it. Phelen was nearly at the point of giving up but he decided he’d test one last trick. Rather than scolding Abscond any more, he taught the Anzat how to meditate. Meditation came excruciatingly hard for him, but he soon grew better. It did begin to help him focus far better, but he still wasn’t the greatest.

A year later, when Abscond was eleven, they began to enhance his core abilities. He quickly learned how to increase the height that he could jump with the aide of the Force, as well as rapidly increasing his own speed. Phelen pushed Abscond hard, and never showed any hint of appreciation or satisfaction with his accomplishments. This lack of appreciation aggravated Abscond in his ignorance causing him to lash out numerous times during the drills he was put through.

The Journey to the ArcticEdit

It wasn’t until his thirteenth year of age that Abscond was taken from Coruscant and to Ilum. The Anzat was bewildered as to why they were on a frigid planet that was completely covered in snow and glaciers. It was there at the Master and Padawan both climbed the side of a tall mountain. The climb took long, and was rather exhausting physically and mentally. They finally arrived to a ledge with an opening in the mountain which emitted few rays of discolored light. It was Phelen that nudged Abscond to go in who was awestruck by the magnificent cave. The cave was filled with miraculous crystals that jetted out of the cave walls, standing a testament of the Jedi Order.

While in the cave, Phelen had described what this cave had meant to the Jedi Order, and the traditions behind it. He explained that it was Abscond’s turn to become part of that tradition by creating his first lightsaber. First he had to attune himself to the Force, refine his connection and purify it. In the cave he was challenged by a beast shrouded in darkness.

He combated the beast, fighting him with hand to hand combat, but the beast was too powerful, and tentacles lashed out from the beast’s cheeks forcing their way into Abscond’s nostrils. Abscond screamed at the top of his lungs from the agonizing pain but his vision soon faded to black. He entered a dream-like state, where he was the beast. He preyed upon Jedi, sticking his proboscises into their nostrils and up into their brain. Abscond was killing mercilessly without a care for the outside world, and couldn’t control himself. The nightmare abruptly changed to him fighting Kar on a desolate world enraged. Their lightsabers clashed, hissed, and snapped as sparks flew between each parry and attack. Abscond stabbed Kar in his rib cage, and began eating away at his brain, quickly killing the Kel’Dor.

Abscond had woken up screaming in a hot sweat. Phelen had left Abscond who tried to look for him. Anxiety had washed over the padawan and he meditated in hopes to calm himself. It was then that Abscond had fallen into a trance-like state and a blue light swirled down to him. He began constructing his lightsaber mindlessly, allowing the Force to flow in and out of him. He began by imbuing the Force into his focusing crystals, becoming one in the same as his lightsaber. With the crystals in proper order, be began sculpting his lightsaber precisely how he desired it. He started fashioning the bottom in such a way to maximize exceptional handling. The emitter allowed for a secondary grip to perform far more unorthodox attacks, with jagged edges sticking on either side. After breaking out of his trance, he saw his master standing in front of him as though he had known he was finished. The blade was an ice-blue, similar to his training saber but instead he could rip through metal with his blade. The completion of his lightsaber was the only hint of satisfaction he had shown his padawan up to that point. With the completion of his lightsaber, they now had to scale back down the mountainside to return to their ship.

The War Gains MomentumEdit

Unbeknownst to Abscond, a war was raging outside of the little world he had been living in. It was a war that had begun the year of his birth during the Fourth Great Schism when a Jedi Master left the Order and called himself Darth Ruin. Though Ruin was befallen by his own, his successors continued the war against the Jedi. It was time for Abscond to officially join the war at his master’s side. However, the Jedi High Council would not permit Phelen and Abscond to partake in the battles of the war to protect Abscond, due to his relatively young age. Instead, they sent the two on an intelligence mission to Onderon.

The two Jedi obeyed the council’s wishes and headed for Onderon. The tomb of Freedon Nadd resided upon one of the planets moons, Dxun, which drew the followers of the Dark Side to the planet. It was their job to attempt to root out any outposts in the sector that the Sith have and report them immediately to the Jedi Council. The search was boring, and therefore agonizing. No sign of any military installations could be discovered on the planet, until two Sith Warriors ambushed the Jedi. Abscond was quickly incapacitated as a result of his lacking knowledge passed the basics of Shii-Cho. However, Phelen easily decapitated the two Sith, in horror of Abscond when he awoke. Phelen explained to Abscond that it was an act of war, and it was necessary to preserve the Jedi Order and the Republic, but Abscond only barely grasped the theory. Datapads, that were carried by the two Sith Warriors, gave them the location of their base, which was nothing more than an ancient Beast Rider hideout, but significant none the less.

The pair reported the location of the Sith outpost on Onderon to the Jedi High Council, who immediately thereafter set up a task force to wipe it off the face of the planet. Of the forty that left, only three fourths of the Jedi returned. The mission to Onderon wasn’t entirely a selfless mission. The Jedi relied on using missions to provide a, learn from experience training; this was no different in Absconds or Phelen’s case. Phelen understood that despite his skill in comparison to people his age, he was lacking absolute skill. Phelen took it upon himself for the six months they had free to train Abscond constantly in the Jedi arts. Phelen himself was a master at the second saber form, Makashi, which was strong against others using lightsabers, or vibroswords; strength he’d pass onto his apprentice.

Training ContinuesEdit

The training was grueling, and it would end late in the night leaving Abscond drenched in sweat. Abscond was a quick learner when it had come to the use of a lightsaber, unlike his experience with specific areas of the Force. It was after he trained Abscond the basic attacks of the form, as well as the theory behind it that they began to spar. Abscond had strong desire to create a hint of satisfaction on his master’s face, but it seemed nothing he could do would get him close. Near the end of the six months, Abscond had developed a type of grace when he sparred his master, though his elegance was nothing compared to the perfectly smooth and fluid movements of his master. Regardless, he had in fact vastly improved since the moment they arrived at the temple from the mission to Onderon.

Four years later, when Abscond was eighteen, the Jedi High Council sought it fit to send the adolescent into battle. A large Jedi strike team was formed soon after, with Jedi Master Kniserus Aezl leading them into battle. The battle took place in the lush forests of Naboo, where the Sith were vastly increasing their presence on the planet. The Battle of Naboo began between the Jedi and the Sith, both equal of numbers with approximately one-hundred combatants on either side. The battle began in the wee hours of the Nubian morning, and started to draw to a close at dusk.

The Battle of NabooEdit

The sky was a dark orange, and the sun was barely peaking out behind the Nubian mountain rage. Abscond marched through the lush green foliage of Naboo combating the Sith as they blitzkrieged him. He had made his way out of the darkening forest. His ice-blue blade hummed as he made his way to a pair of Kel’Dors combating each other. He winced as a red blade crashed down on the green, a green that blended in with the landscape. He rushed to the two Kel’Dors as the dark one kicked the serene one in the stomach, only to hack at the stunned Jedi into several pieces. Abscond’s heart sank, Kar, screamed the Anzat in his mind. He charged at the Kel’Dor, screaming at the top of his lungs a fearsome war cry.

Abscond’s blue saber came down on the Kel’Dor’s saber like a ton of bricks. They locked sabers, but a pain tore through his gut like he was stabbed by his opponent. The Kel’Dor who had fallen was in fact not Kar, but rather the man who had befallen him was Kar. Rage engulfed Abscond as he realized Kar for a spineless, weak, and pathetic traitor. Kar laughed darkly and Abscond’s eyes narrowed. The bulk of the fighting was still in the forest so it was just Abscond and Kar, two long time bitter rivals. Abscond felt refreshed as he let the Force fill within him, and pass between him and his lightsaber. He grasped his lightsaber firmly with one hand and preformed a flurry of attacks that were easily blocked. Abscond grunted as he jumped, flipping over Kar attempting to slash his face in the process, but yet again, his attacks were parried. Kar quickly seized the opportunity to go on the offensive, throwing attacks of his own at Abscond. Abscond blocked them, except one made its way through the parries, nicking the Anzat on his left arm. He howled in pain, trying to retrace his movements, only to duck, avoiding a hack from Kar. On the floor, Abscond tripped the Kel’Dor, giving him enough time to hop back to his feet. Abscond preformed a volley of relentless attacks and once more Kar’s defense won. He changed his attacks to the superiorly complex movements that he had learned over the past four years. He used the Force to increase his speed drastically, allowing him to almost teleport behind Kar to trip him forward, then immediately returning to face him. Abscond couldn’t control himself any longer, his proboscises were lashing around as Kar fell onto Abscond’s blade, impaling the Kel’Dor through his ribcage. Instinctively, he grabbed his rival by the throat, designating his blade. He made Kar look at him, who immediately attempted to make petty excuses, but Abscond wouldn’t take it any longer. He ripped off the Kel’Dor’s facemask, and the Anzat’s proboscises entered his rival’s nostrils. The tentacles slithered their way up the nasal cavity, where they made their way to the brain. Abscond began to suck the life force out of his prey, living a limp lifeless body to rot on the battlefield, completely satisfied.

The Battle of Naboo continued on for several days afterwards, forcing the Sith to retreat to Rori. Abscond shared his duel with his childhood friend to his master, though he had left out how he let his instincts get the better of him. Little did he know, he passed the Trial of Skill, and in the years that followed, he successfully completed the Trial of Courage, during the Battle of Rori, and the Trial of Flesh, after loosing his right ear during the Second Battle of Onderon, and the Trial of Spirit, during a vision of himself. At the age of twenty, he was named a full fledged Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order, and the first open expression of satisfaction and accomplishment came from his now former master, Phelen Ward.

The Curse of ImmortalityEdit

In the years that followed, Abscond witnessed the deaths of his master, and many of the padawans he had successfully trained to Knighthood. The Council was reluctant to make Abscond a Master, due to the nature of his being, but eventually could no longer deny him the rightful title due to his immortal service to the Order and his numerous deeds throughout the beginning years of the New Sith War. Due to his renegade attitude however, Abscond would never achieve the honorary title of Jedi Councilor. He fought the thousand year’s war through many battles. He gained far more renown under the Jedi Hoth, serving as a Jedi Lord in the Army of Light. He fought in Lord Hoth’s campaign during the Light and Darkness war, as well as the Ruusan Campaign. However, his duties on Ruusan luckily ended after the Sixth Battle of Ruusan, as Lord Hoth required Abscond to prepare a campaign against Korriban and Ziost, but both the Army of Light, and the sith Brotherhood of Darkness were decimated by Lord Kaan’s thought bomb.

The years that followed one-thousand years before the Battle of Yavin became odd. Abscond began to develop Dual Personality Disorder, partially due to his old age, but also his need to live by feeding off of other’s life essence, and the desire to remain absolutely loyal to the Jedi Order. He served the Jedi long, and to the best of his ability. He focused less on training others, and more on bettering himself, learning the seventh lightsaber form Juyo, which was the most aggressive of them all. He participated in the Battle of Galidraan, combating the True Mandalorians led by Mandalore Jango Fett. Though, the Clone Wars broke out thirty years later, which was a conflict between the Galactic Republic, and a secession that were called the Confederacy of Independent Systems. However, Abscond narrowly evaded death when Order 66 broke out while he was on the planet Anzat, the home planet of the Anzati. He began to return to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, as he received word that the war was over, but his course abruptly changed when the message was changed to be a warning to go into hiding.

A New BeginningEdit

Abscond had a kid with another Anzati he met on Anzat that they had named Aakrion. The family hid on the outskirts of Kor Vella with the intention of avoiding the watchful eye of the newly formed Galactic Empire nineteen years before the Battle of Yavin. Not much more than a year later, they had one more child, whose name was Skury. Abscond ignored the youngest child to give his full attention to his eldest son Aakrion. Abscond wanted Aakrion to grow up to be strong in the Force, and so he took it upon himself to train his child.

He taught Aakrion relatively similar to how Phelen had trained himself, but he was far less compassionate. Aakrion was relatively weak, until he unlocked his true potential and began improving rapidly. However, it was Abscond’s more neutral teachings that allowed Aakrion to grow. Abscond had brought Aakrion to the cave on Ilum that he had visited, eons ago to build his own lightsaber. Though, as time went on, Aakrion grew more uncontrollable, and in a last minute attempt to calm his son, Abscond was pushed aside as Aakrion left his home.


Abscond heard the snap of his lightsaber being ignited, and listened to it hum. Aakrion used the force to unhook his lightsaber, and call it to his hand as he turned around. His own lightsaber hummed to life as he glared at the ice-blue blade glowing, prodding at his mind. He would not accept defeat at the hands of his father, no matter the outcome. He leapt with incredible force at his father striking down at his head. The blow was easily blocked. The Anzati grunted and continued with a volley of attacks, but they were only met with Abscond’s lightsaber. Aakrion jumped, and flipped, over his father and attempted to stab him, but Abscond dove aside with ease. The son lunged once more at the father trying to hack off his right arm but it was again, parried. Abscond leapt as high as he could, but he was only met with Aakrion on his decent, who hit him with a combination of kicks to the stomach. Abscond landed on the ground writhing in pain, only a meter away from his enemy. Aakrion flipped over and stomped his foot on the Jedi’s hand, shattering the bone. Aakrion took the lightsaber and held it to the Jedi’s throat.

He turned off the lightsaber and tossed it aside, also designating his own, putting it on his belt. He lifted Abscond up with the force and pushed him into a nearby tree, resulting in knocking off all the leaves. The Jedi collapsed on his back, and Aakrion began to rain lightning down upon him. Abscond screamed with fear but the Dark One continued. Suddenly he stopped. He lifted the Jedi up, but instead this time, he was gasping for air. Aakrion pulled out his lightsaber, and stabbed Abscond in the stomach. He let him suffer, and Abscond weakly said these words, “Aakrion, there is a fine line between a protector and a murderer; it is up to you to know where to draw that line.” Abscond drifted into unconsciousness, and followed by a Jedi Healing Trance as his son stormed off from the home.

The Everlasting Fight For SurvivalEdit

Abscond was dragged into his home by his family, despite their resentment for disenfranchising Skury. After several weeks in the trance, Abscond awoke. The Anzat fled his home, taking only a few clothes, his old robes, and an old lightsaber that he had created while Aakrion was creating his own. Abscond decided that if he were to flee his home, no more harm would be brought upon his family. The ancient Anzat fled Corellia for Naboo. It was on Naboo that he found peace within himself, but it was bustling with life during the many instances he would need to hunt.

Abscond kept to himself throughout the Galactic Civil War, avoiding detection from those that hunt him. It wasn’t until the New Republic had risen, and taken Coruscant from the Empire that he reemerged into society, though he kept his abilities secret from the galaxy. He made work as a salesman on Coruscant, selling speeders and speeder parts, but that job lasted only so long. The New Republic gave way to the second Galactic Empire, under the leadership of an ambitious Grand Admiral, Logan Nagel. Shortly thereafter, the reemergence of the Sith plagued the galaxy once more, and Abscond knew he was a part of the conflict. It was then that he decided he would fight along side the new generation of Jedi from the New Jedi Order. His allegiance was short-lived when the newly christened Emperor Nagel reinstated a purge on all Force Sensitives within the Empire. It was then that Abscond once again went into seclusion, this time on Dantooine. Though, he couldn’t remain shut out from the galaxy, and entered society once again, just as a regular civilian of Corellia.

Lightsaber CombatEdit

Abscond was a master at lightsaber combat, developed after thousands of years of study. He was exceedingly knowing in all forms, but he focused on two in particular. It was the second form of lightsaber combat, Makashi, that he has known for two-thousand years. Makashi was first taught to him by his master, Phelen Ward. The form was strengthened in lightsaber to lightsaber combat, which created weaknesses in defense against blasters. Abscond centuries later mastered the seventh form of lightsaber combat, Juyo, which helped the Jedi tap into his darker tendencies during combat. It is common for Abscond to use Makashi primarily when he is sane, and Juyo for his darker, and insane personality.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Abscond is six foot tall, average size for near-humans. He has a somewhat muscular build, and has graying hair on both his head and his facial hair. He keeps his facial hair somewhat properly trimmed, most of the time. His eyes are green, and his skin tanned, from many years in the many suns of the galaxy. He is missing his right ear, surely a memento of the many battles he has survived. He carries many more scars than his missing ear, but most are covered by his clothing.


Abscond is a complex person. He developed dual personalities through many years being torn between who he was, and who he desired to be. He can split very easily, which is usually triggered by a powerful Force user, or sheer hunger. He has a sense of superiority over non-Force sensitives, as well as some Force users due to his incredibly old age. He doesn’t do what is deemed right of someone else, but rather what he himself sees as right. He has a very uncompassionate outer shell that masks the weak line between sanity and insanity. He has an extremely competitive nature that tends to destroy friendships with anyone who is increasingly similar to himself. He has a knack to learn rather quickly, but due to his ADHD, he has limitations on exactly how far he can take something. His two personalities conflict with each other, and cause him contradict himself, though he does not suffer from mental voices like Schizophrenia, he suffers from a lack of understanding and confusion on who he truly is.

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