Dessarius Darasuum


Concord Dawn


21 BBY








1.7 Meters

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True Mandalorians


Black Sun Vibroknucklers; Nightsister Lance


Early LifeEdit

Ba'jur, beskar'gam, Ara'nov, aliit, Mando'a bal Mand'alor— An vencuyan mhi, translates into: Education and armor, Self-defense, our tribe, Our language, our leader— All help us survive. It is the code in which all Mandalorians must live by, including me. We are a strong people, tolerant, and loving. Some have called us bloodthirsty, mindless, and war mongers, but that is the ones know us the least. We Mandalorians are nothing of such; at least, I know I’m not. Many of us portray outward expressions of bravado, but that is not the reality of who we are. But, as time flies by, the traditions we once held strongly to, have slowly been replaced by new ones, but no longer will that be the case.

Dessarius was born on the planet Concord Dawn, a rural planet focused primarily on agriculture. The planet was once plagued by the Mandalorian Civil War, many decades prior to the birth of Dessarius. The Mandalorian Civil War was a time of despair when a rift among the Mandalorians caused them to split into two factions, the Death Watch, and the True Mandalorians. The True Mandalorians were decimated, and the Death Watch soon left Concord Dawn for Endor. However, the galaxy Dessarius was born into was ripping itself apart, as it was in the midst of a horrible civil war between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

However, the war hardly affected life on Concord Dawn which moved on as it always would. Dessarius’ father, Gra’tua, was mistakenly considered dead after the Battle of Galidraan, and continued life on Concord Dawn as a Journeyman Protector. His mother had married Gra’tua, and began to raise Dessarius in his early childhood. A year after his birth, Dessarius’ mother passed away at the hands of internal bleeding after birthing his little brother Kyr’am. Their father took care of them to the best of his abilities. Neither of the children would hold any memory of their mother, except the memories of their father retold to them in her memory.

Ba'Jur; EducationEdit

Ba’jur, or education, the first Resol’nare of the Mandalorians. At the age of three, Gra’tua began to teach Dessarius family values, manners, and other proper etiquette. Dessarius was very hyper, and always wanted to adventure, much to the conflicting likes and dislikes of his father. Gra’tua never scolded the adventurous nature of his son, but merely advised it in a way that he wouldn’t get unnecessarily hurt. Gra’tua focused on bringing up his son properly, raising him so he would not forsake the Resol’nare.

Mando'a; Our LanguageEdit

Mando'a, or our language, the fifth Resol’nare, was a prime focus for Dessarius in his young life. From birth, he was spoken to in both Mando’a and Galactic Basic, making him fluent in both languages by age five. However, speaking Mando’a was only half of the job for Dessarius. Gra’tua taught Dessarius how to properly read and write both Mando’a and Galactic Basic, and found it as a very key fundamental value for his children. He knew teaching Dessarius Mando’a would be a great foundation to base the rest of his teachings on. Reading and writing was hard for Dessarius, not to mention the fact he was cramming in two different languages. Though he slipped by doing the best he could, despite being overwhelmed by his father.

Reading was moderately easy for me, even though I was learning both Mando’a and Galactic Basic. It was writing that became so hard to me. The thought of writing was so complex, and all those rules multiplied by two because of the two languages. I always thought my father was crazy or something as a child, but I know now I was in the wrong. I feel that learning all of that at this point in time, would be impossible since everything is developed in the way it will be. In reality, I would not have changed going through that, despite the heartache and anxiety it gave me.

Ara'nov; Self DefenseEdit

Ara'nov, or self-defense, was key in Mandalorian society. Unlike most cultures, Mandalorians were not prejudice to women. Women, like men, were expected to learn self-defense and excel at it in order to protect the household while the men were away, or fight alongside the men if they did not have children to nurture. Dessarius was now eight, and his little brother Kyr’am was seven, and their father, Gra’tua, decided to begin their combative training. He immediately pits the two brothers against each other, and both fought with mediocre skill. Like most children, they relied on tackling one another into the dirt and rolling around with an occasional punch or kick. Their fighting skills were laughable, but for an understandable reason. Gra’tua stopped having them spar each other, and began teaching them the martial art developed by a sect of monks called Teras Kasi. Teras Kasi was an unarmed form, sometimes employing the use of knucklers to increase the damage done by their fists. The martial style was one of the best forms and equally rivaled the martial art developed by the Echani.

The two brothers learned the style of fighting quickly and easily, but it was Dessarius in particular that took a liking to the fist fights. He highly disliked the idea of weaponry, feeling that it was a weakness to need the aide of a machine to do the same work a person could do themselves. Gra’tua began to force the two brothers to spar once again, but this time it was far different. Instead of pathetic tackling and flailing, it was a beautiful art that began to take place in front of him. Dessarius had an edge on his brother by being older and bigger, but more talented in fist fighting. After a year learning Teras Kasi, Gra’tua began teaching them how to fight using one handed weaponry. Dessarius disliked it and it showed outwardly. Kyr’am showed a natural talent with single handed weapons. Dessarius had a sloppy style, whereas Kyr’am flowed with elegance which Dessarius couldn’t hope of matching. Despite his young age, Kyr’am easily could outmaneuver his older brother during their spars, bettering him every single time. His younger brother beating him caused frustration, and a want to be better. His time came when they were both introduced to pole arms.

As Gra’tua taught them how to use pole arms, Dessarius, like Kyr’am with one handed weapons, showed a natural affinity with pole arms. Kyr’am, like Dessarius had, faltered when it came to pole arms. Kyr’am was rather clumsy, while Dessarius fought with absolutely fluid movements that flowed perfectly into the next. However, when it came to the brothers using the weapon they were best with, both were equally matched. By age ten, Gra’tua moved from melee combat, and much to Dessarius’ grief, to projectile weaponry. The beginning started basic with pistols learning how to not blow of one self’s own face by sheer stupidity. Dessarius was a decent shot with a pistol, but disliked the blaster so very much. His grief was alleviated slightly when they moved into more dangerous weapons such as a carbine, which placed itself in between the rifle and the pistol in range, but had a greater firing rate. However, Dessarius proved to be a horrid shot with the carbine, shots firing wildly in the direction he aimed. The carbines soon after gave him an immediate hatred towards projectile weapons, thinking they were clumsy. But not all projectiles were too bad for him, like the simple rifle. The sluggish firing rate of the rifle, but precision accuracy proved well for Dessarius. He was a crack shot rifleman, his accuracy becoming spot on with out the worry of the quick firing rate of the carbine. However, he still disliked projectile weapons, desiring to use melee combat over projectile weapons, unless the situation called for it.

I loved unarmed combat; it felt so much more honorable. It was entirely you and your opponent, and you had nothing else to help you, absolutely nothing. You had to rely completely on your skill, and on your wits to come out the victor, or in some cases, survive. However, when I would grip a lance in my hands, I felt at one with myself. I felt a connection to my weapon, and it felt like it was made specifically for me. But blasters were so… Aggravating. They were hard to control as to where you would want the shots to go. Melee combat is meant for me, like ranged combat is meant for many others.

Verd'goten; Right of PassageEdit

It was Dessarius’ thirteenth year, and his childhood training was complete. For the last ten years of life, his father had prepared him specifically for this moment. It was the time that Dessarius took his right of passage, the moment he would leave a child and returns a man, it was his Verd’goten. He was given a knife and a decent hunting rifle and shooed off into the wilderness. His task was to survive seventy-two hours alone miles away from any settlement. For the first twenty-four hours, Dessarius was calm, but did make any attempts to find food. Instead, he spent the day making a makeshift hammock to keep him above the ground, and away from predators, with a fire burning until he fell asleep. He had woken up an hour before sunrise, and as the second day sunk in, so did anxiety. But as sunset neared, his stomach grew untamable with hunger. He set himself on a hill near a grouping of trees where he waited with little patience. It was there he shot himself a fair sized bird, which he had plucked and roasted on the fire. As his hunger subsided, so did his anxiety. The third and final day was like the first, except out of boredom, he carved a type of small idol out of wood with his knife. His father soon appeared out of the shrubbery, almost getting shot by a jumpy Dessarius, and they returned home as men.

Aliit; FamilyEdit

Aliit, or family, was a major focus in Mandalorian culture. Mandalorians, like Dessarius, were taught to love and respect fellow Mandalorians, regardless of species or sex. Mandalorians lived on completely equal terms with each other, as long they did not forsake the Resol’nare. It was Dessarius’ fourteenth year that Gra’tua began stressing the importance of family, and their clan, which Gra’tua outlined being all Mandalorians. His fourteenth year was the roughest of all, as puberty had kicked into high gear initiating constant mood swings. Gra’tua ignored them and continued to educate his son, for education would never end for anyone. He also elaborated on the leader of the Mandalorian people, Mand’alor, which was the sixth and final Resol’nare, explaining that when Mand’alor called, it was his duty to answer, and rally under his leader. But the lack of a Mand’alor stirred up confusion in Dessarius, for he did not understand why there was not a Mand’alor currently, an answer Gra’tua seemed to never have an answer for.

Beskar'gam; ArmorEdit

Beskar’gam, or armor, was one of the many vital parts of Mandalorian life. As Dessarius aged into his fifteenth year, Gra’tua finally helped Dessarius begin to work on his own set of Beskar’gam. Gra’tua had obtained enough Beskar many years earlier to smith two sets of armor, one for Dessarius, and another for Kyr’am. The process was grueling, and took many years to complete. It was when Dessarius was eighteen that they had finished his set, partially because of Kyr’am beginning work on his own. Dessarius’ armor was a lusterless gold, with a black under suit. It was fashioned under the newer super commando design, which came to prominence during the Mandalorian Civil War. His helmet bore the traditional T-Visor, and had a heads up display inside. Dessarius was proud of his armor, and was happy to finally be with his father in the armor of a Mandalorian.

First Encounter With the Death WatchEdit

Gra’tua, Dessarius, and Kyr’am ventured off to a farm where reports of Mandalorians trashing a nearby settlement arose. Dessarius was welling up with excitement for real action. The three Mandalorians were fully armored, Gra’tua with silver plating and a black under suit, Dessarius with his gold and black combination, and Kyr’am with his brand new cyan and black combination. The three had received word from the town that the thuggish Mandalorians had left town and were heading to the farms littered throughout the outskirts. They decided to head them off and held up in a farm waiting to ambush the Mandalorians. A group of seven Mandalorians pulled up on speeders, but their helmets were oddly shaped. It bore a T-shaped visor, but there was a specific difference that Dessarius couldn’t describe. Gra’tua, however, was quick to fire off a warning shot near the feet of the assumed leader of the gang. The other Mandalorians retaliated with a volley of shots at the trio, whom all ducked for cover.

Dessarius heaved as reality hit him, they were in live combat. “They’re remnants of the Death Watch Dess, we need to kill them before they can inflict any more damage to this planet, it is our duty as Journeyman Protectors…” Dessarius nodded as the trio chucked thermal detonators at the Death Watchers in choreographed unison. Smoke as well as the smell of sulfur filled the air, and the two groups exchanged rounds. Gra’tua and Kyr’am stuck with Carbines, while Dessarius used his rifle. Gra’tua picked off the first casualty of the skirmish, and Kyr’am the second shortly thereafter. They all ceased fire and ducked as a volley of rounds flew at their heads. All three could be heard gasping for air as Gra’tua signaled a stay down. Their father popped out of cover, and his head immediately flew back and cracked. A wave of burning flesh overtook the smell of fire and sulfur that was created by the gun fight. A roar of victory roared from the Death Watchers, and Dessarius sunk down. Salty tears forced their way out of his eyes, and rolled down his cheeks, dripping off at his chin. He began to hyper-ventilate, involuntarily heaving. A feeling of nausea overwhelmed him as he dropped his rifle on his lap. Memories flooded his mind, bringing him out of the present and into the past; days hunting with his father, driving home as the sun set, learning all there was to learn, building his armor, everything overwhelmed him.

Kyr’am called his name with a shaken voice, and began to grab Dessarius. He snapped himself out of the past, bringing himself to the present where an overwhelming feeling of anger, hatred, rage, disgust, and vengeance engulfed him. “Dess! They’re coming into the farm! Come on, we need to get out of here!” Dessarius could only shake his head as he grabbed his lance. He motioned with his hand to tell Kyr’am to follow, and Kyr’am did so after grabbing his sword. Dessarius silently ran across the room and hid on the wall next to the doorway.

The rapataptap of footsteps grew louder as the whispers of the murderers became audible. He motioned to crouch, and the two brothers did so. The footsteps stopped, and a whisper could be made out, “Check those rooms...” Dessarius looked at his father’s lifeless body one more time, causing his feelings of rage and hatred to be refilled. He clenched his lance tightly as the footsteps began again, and the creaking of the floorboards got louder. A foot made its way into the room, followed by the rest of its owner who began to shift his head towards Kyr’am’s hiding spot. Dessarius’ heartbeat dominated his hearing as the blood pulsed in his temples and sloshed around. He let out a deafening roar as he stood up quickly, and brought his lance down on the back of the Death Watcher’s neck. The power of the blow brought down the man to the ground on his stomach, where Dessarius beat him in a white-hot blind rage. He began stabbing the man repeatedly in the weak spots of the armor; the legs, the arms, and several times to the back of the neck. The Watcher’s body rolled over to his back and Dessarius thrusted his lance into the man’s throat, destroying the windpipe. Gurgles and choking filled the room for a brief moment, but were masked by the hurried footsteps of the others. Dessarius’ attention turned from mutilating the Watcher’s body, and to murdering the remaining four thugs. He hid on the wall again, and waited for them to flood into the room. He let out a war cry as he held the end of his lance and swept the floor, tripping the group. The two brothers unleashed themselves upon their prey, Dessarius fighting the men who recovered with his fluid attacks. He disarmed them before proceeding to killing them, stabbing them over, and over again. Kyr’am could be seen hacking and slashing at one of the Watchers, just before he broke the very same one’s neck with a drum roll of snaps. The room was littered with limp bodies, and it was left that way, after the brothers took their fathers body to their home.

The loss of my father was, inevitable at some point, but it should not have been that way. He was killed by thugs, murderers, rapists, and nothing more than that. I can never return to my boyish mindset with that event. Witnessing a death first hand, and more so a murder, removes the possibility of ignorance. I wish every day I could return to my ignorant state, where everything was blissful. Once your eyes are open to the reality, it’s hard to change the unchangeable. It changed me so very much… I used to want civility, and peace, but now all I want is vengeance for my father’s death, and the death of every Mandalorian, it is this reason why Dessarius would carry out his vendetta against the Death Watch numerous times.

Last Good-ByesEdit

Dessarius and Kyr’am buried their father in his armor, marking his grave with a tombstone. They said their good-byes, and left their father to rest. Dessarius vowed on his own life that he would protect Kyr’am’s at any cost. It was that moment that the two brothers took up the titles of Journeyman Protectors. They served Concord Dawn, protecting it from everything to common thugs, to the rare Death Watcher that would venture away from Endor. They were essentially the law of Concord Dawn, for without them, the planet would surely be engulfed in lawlessness.

It was a year after the death of their father, and Dessarius was twenty-one. The two brothers finally left Concord Dawn for the first time in their lives and decided to see Manda’yaim for the first time. They longed to see the planet that they would rally to when Mand’alor would call for them, and they arrived in Kel’dabe. Kel’dabe was the capitol of Manda’yaim, and had men suited up in the same armor that Dessarius wore. Dessarius found a sort of amazement by the winding roads on the planet to allow easier ambushes if invaded. Their visit to the planet was only brief, but instead of returning to Concord Dawn, they left for Corellia. It was on the public transport that the two had met a Mandalorian named Ryler Dorian. The three would keep in touch for many years after their first encounter, sometimes not positively, however.

Formidable PairEdit

For years to come, the two brothers stuck together, despite many arguments that would sometimes split them apart temporarily. They spent many years at Concord Dawn, and away from it adventuring. Dessarius at one point took it upon himself to do what many Mandalorians had eventually succumbed to, bounty hunting. However, bounty hunting was only a phase for Dessarius, and later dropped it completely, except for several jobs for the New Republic. The two brothers never returned to Manda’yaim for it was destroyed by the second Galactic Empire. Nearly the entire Mandalorian population was decimated, and very few Mandalorians continued to live on. They decided to lay low for a while on Concord Dawn, and avoid scrutiny from the second Empire under Logan Nagel. It was there that Ryler Dorian had eventually met up with them, and helped them protect the planet and its inhabitants. The trio shortly after began attempting to bring the remaining Mandalorians together; however, Dessarius quickly dropped the idea after internal conflict arose stemming from the idea of ending Mandalorian’s nomadic nature, and making them settle. It was this conflict that caused Dessarius to distance himself, along with the realization that he, like the others, has abandoned many more traditions than they should. This rift Dessarius and Kyr’am formed between themselves and the Mandalorian Avengers caused Dessarius to follow Kyr’am to Corellia, and ultimately, the Rebellion. It was with the help of the Governess-General of Corellia, Tiandra Kortal that they could close in on their goals.

The remaining Mandalorians have all lost sight of who they are. Their ignorance is weakening us all. The traditions thrown away, all have specific reasoning that has kept the Mandalorian people from the fate we have faced. By settling all in one place, we only help the Empire finish its work. They can do what they did to Manda’yaim, decimating our numbers, but this time, exterminating us. We have become honor less, and weak. It’s like they want to help the Empire. What the Empire did wasn’t murder, it was an extermination. I have realized that I, myself, have lost sight of our people as well. However, I feel that it is my duty to remind those who have forgotten. Actually, it is my duty to fix the wrongs that I know I can fix myself.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Dessarius was of average height for a Human male. His hair was a dark brown, contrasted by ice cold blue eyes. He was of muscular build, and had no fat on him whatsoever, giving him incredible definition. Dessarius was naturally tanned, and tanned fairly easily, darkening his skin far more than most white humans. His voice is deep, and raspy, almost like a smoker’s. He has a goatee that he keeps clean, and has his hair tousled, when not wearing his helmet. He also has a well defined jaw line. Personality: Dessarius used to have an adventurous and boyish personality. However, after many events in his life, he has become a grim and cold man. Many view him as a bloodthirsty war monger, but he tends to put a false front, mainly to psychologically trick himself. Dessarius is extreme in most of what he does, causing him to not be the negotiable type as well as being overly critical on both himself, and others. In contrast however, Dessarius is known to be humored. He tends to use sarcasm when he talks as a way to mock someone. When he disagrees with someone, he usually is the passive aggressive type, except on rare occasions.


Dessarius used to have an adventurous and boyish personality. However, after many events in his life, he has become a grim and cold man. Many view him as a bloodthirsty war monger, but he tends to put a false front, mainly to psychologically trick himself. Dessarius is extreme in most of what he does, causing him to not be the negotiable type as well as being overly critical on both himself, and others. In contrast however, Dessarius is known to be humored. He tends to use sarcasm when he talks as a way to mock someone. When he disagrees with someone, he usually is the passive aggressive type, except on rare occasions.


Dessarius uses Vibroknucklers primarily made by Black Sun pirates. He had obtained them on Endor after an encounter with a Death Watch wraith. Dessarius primarily fights using those Knucklers, but is commonly seen fighting with a pole arm. He occasionally wields a Nightsister Lance into combative situations. Rumors have arisen that he had obtained it from killing a Nightsister Witch, but such claims are false. In reality, Dessarius obtained the lance through the black market for a hefty price. Dessarius also wears Beskar’gam, or Mandalorian Iron fashioned armor. It was fashioned out of Beskar during his teenage years on Concord Dawn; with a lot of help from is father. The armor plating takes on a gold that lacks luster, complimented by contrasting with a black under suit. His helmet is has the special T-shaped visor that has been traditional for all Mandalorians since their existence. The helmet is also equipped with a sophisticated heads up display that aides Dessarius identify and locate targets.