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Early LifeEdit

“You are an Imperial, never forget that, and you will always know who you are and whom you serve.” These words ring in my ears every day. I was an Imperial, and that would never change. It was up to me to ensure the security of my people, and the glorious Empire. It was my obligation to the people, to the galaxy, and to myself to bring peace at any cost. I will cleanse the galaxy of dirt; revolters, pirates, gangs, criminal organizations, anything that could disturb the peace. It is my time to have glory, the citizens will love me, and my soldiers will honor me.

Erik Kroenen was born into a life of poverty in nineteen BBY. His father lost everything during the Clone Wars, and his mother was a mere bar waitress. His parents nurtured their son to the best of their abilities; but they could do little with the lack of money. Erik lived in the slums of Moenia, Naboo for three years, until, a light finally shown through the darkness

At the young age of three, Erik saw a glimmer of hope. An Imperial general, by the name of Nesri Krona, was observing the crime prone areas of Moenia, Naboo. Erik’s father knew that this was the only chance to give his son a better life. The father begged and pleaded that General Krona would take Erik. The General denied him, and then the father struck a deal. The deal was that he would serve in the Imperial Army for five years in exchange for the General to adopt Erik.

That was the last time I would see my father. I later discovered that he was murdered by a gang of aliens while on patrol on Tatooine. He was in his fifth year of service. The General, as I came to call him, became a father to me. He did things my father could not to better my life. I was now, an Imperial.

General Krona took Erik aboard his flagship, the Vengeance. There he taught the boy about the Empire’s beliefs, and views. He filled the boy’s head with propaganda about various things. Soon, like some Humans, Erik grew a strong dislike for aliens. He did not trust them; he felt that they were worthless, and good for nothing. He learned that the Empire was looking out for everyone, even the aliens. He knew that the Empire was the best thing to happen to the galaxy; and was incomparable to anything else.


At the age of nine, General Krona sent Erik to an Imperial Youth facility on Coruscant. There, he prepared for his future in the Army. He excelled at the school; he was going to be the future of the Empire. He remained on Coruscant until the age of sixteen. Erik was such an avid student, the Empire sent him to the Military Academy on Carida early.

I showed the Empire my capabilities, and they understood them. On my departure from the youth facility, I knew I was destined for glory. I felt unstoppable, and that was because, I was unstoppable. Nothing would stand in my way, ever. I was Erik Kroenen, and that name would ring in history for centuries

Erik enrolled in the military a month after leaving Coruscant. He then choose Infantryman as his Military Occupational Specialty, or MOS. He primarily took classes in leadership, and various types of strategy; both he excelled in. They focused on the Clone Wars primarily. He learned how to correctly lead soldiers through a firefight, and even things as simple as how to order a subordinate properly.

A year later, Erik ascended to the top of his class. They had finally begun field training, and Erik was ready to show his exceptional skills. He was at a whole different level than the rest of his class. Erik would flawlessly lead his men through a variety of courses. His achievements would eventually demotivate the other students.

After three years in the Academy, Erik was finally graduating. He was graduating with such high honors that he would enter service a captain. The General attended his graduation ceremony. Erik was stationed at Bela Vistal due to the recent uprisings of rebels. The Rebels were a band of renegades who would not allow the peace of that the Empire had given a chance. While still on Bela Vistal, Erik led his soldiers on a mission.

First AssignmentEdit

The smells of war filled the air, and plumes of smoke as black as charcoal filled the air making visibility little. The smell of sulfur, of home-made hand grenades, mixed with the smoke, making a grotesque smell that would make the average man throw up. A platoon of men, uniformed in a luminous white armor marched through the dead battlefield. Bodies were littered across the field for an unknown distance. The soldiers in white, or Storm troopers, silently marched into a nearby forest. Soon, the smoke faded away, become just a distant memory in the sands of time. Captain Erik Kroenen led his men to the end of a forest, where a Rebel outpost lay.

Captain Kroenen had four of his snipers to kill the five guards in one second, no more. One sniper, his best sniper had to kill two soldiers. He ordered them to fire, and three of the five shots missed. Kroenen pulled quickly took the nearest sniper’s rifle, and shot the remaining three guards dead. He handed back the rifle and ordered two snipers to destroy the small turret droids at the top of the hill; his order was met with success. However, the failure of the snipers earlier caused the defending terrorists to attack them. His snipers hid in the trees, camouflaged by suits that mimicked Corellia’s flora. Kroenen had the bulk of his forces attack the Rebels head on. He led a squad of men to flank the terrorists, and enclose around them and force a retreat into the base. The maneuver was a success, and the Rebels retreated. The fearsome Storm troopers then besieged the outpost, and took it by dusk.

I hated the Rebels. They were terrorists; they terrorized the good citizens of the Empire. They disrupted the peace and security that the great Emperor Palpatine; and Lord Vader had given us. Anyone to challenge the powerful might of the Empire must be crushed. They were terrorists, and I was an Imperial. I would die to preserve peace to this great Empire.

Galactic Civil WarEdit

Erik fought the Galactic Civil War, as it began to be called. The terrorists won a crushing victory when they destroyed the Death Star, but Erik continued to fight. He earned medal after medal, some for valor, heroism, and honor. He was then promoted to Major a year after the Battle of Yavin. Erik didn’t stop there; he continued to be an effective leader. His strategy became key to the Imperial victories that he was involved in. He was later promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, four years after the Battle of Yavin. He then became too valuable to loose so they removed him from the battlefield. He then helped plan attacks on the Rebel planets.

The Empire took the final blow. The terrorists attacked the second Death Star, and destroyed it. The Emperor, and Lord Vader, were murdered there. The Empire broke apart into remnants and occupied the unknown regions. A new government rose called the New Republic. Disgusted, Erik served for the Imperial Remnant. With the overwhelming loss of generals aboard the second Death Star, and during the war as a whole, the Remnant made Erik a general. He eagerly accepted the honor.

The terrorists destroyed the Empire. They destroyed my home, and a part of my soul. I vowed that they would pay. I do not care what I had to do. I would destroy them, before they destroy the galaxy. I will do to them, what they did to me. I will force them, and anyone like them, to share the pain I have.

The New Order Rises AgainEdit

As years went by, a ray of hope shined through. A Grand Admiral, by the name of Logan Nagel, led an army against the New Republic. Erik joined Nagel’s fight as a general under him. He had commanded fierce battles that crushed the Republican morale. Soon, as a result of the brilliant leadership of Grand Admiral Logan Nagel, the Empire finally destroyed the New Republic. Nagel then began stabilizing his Empire.

The peace was again, short lived. A sith formed the Praetorium, and waged war against the Empire. The Jedi came to the Empire’s aid against the Praetorium. The Empire was already loosing due to many of the great leaders jumping ship to the Praetorium. Kroenen developed a strong distrust for force sensitives after that. However, soon, the Empire and Jedi prevailed. The galaxy too, had a distrust for force users, so Nagel reinstated a Jedi purge. As things returned to normal, Kroenen was appointed as the High General of Naboo.

With his new position as High General of Corellia, General Kroenen established the Empire’s main base of military operation in Coronet. He worked hard to make Corellia the jewel of the Empire. He is attempting to make it the safest place in the galaxy, even safer than Nagel’s home, despite the rebel activities in the past.

My rise to glory was because of my father’s sacrifice. If it wasn’t for him, I would be laying in an unmarked grave somewhere on Naboo. I would have been nothing, maybe a swoop gang member, but nothing more. General Krona is the reason for my glory, and for being where I am at today. I truly am an Imperial, and forever will I remain an Imperial. I am also forever indebted to my father, and General Krona. My name will be there until the galaxy ceases to exist.


After a assananation atempt that left him disfiguerd and bitter General Korenen defected to the New Rebellion. He was bestowed the rank of Brigadier General within the Rebellion, by Governess-General Tiandra Kortal. However, his service to the New Rebellion was short-lived, but not in vain. Months after Erik Kroenen's defection to the New Rebellion, Imperial soldiers tracked the General to Kashyyyk, where he was captured and sentenced to death. He, along with his squad on Kashyyyk were mutilated by order of Executor Xenth via explosion within a shuttle.


Physical AppearanceEdit


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