Biography Edit

Growing up in Galactic Civil War Edit

The Galaxy is under the strict rule of Emperor Palpatine and his Supreme Commander of the Imperial Armies, Darth Vader was on the hunt for any survivors of Order 66. With the rumours of a Rebellion surfaces he did what he could to locate and eliminate any of their leaders. There was one Jedi that eluded his grasp since the end of the Clone Wars, Jor-Kell Rozees. He searched the galaxy for a suitable apprentice to help him keep the Jedi teachings alive hoping that some day they’d rise to overthrow the Empire. He was drawn to Kuat from a vision he had of a woman and figured that she was the one he’d pass on his knowledge after losing two apprentices that were to eager to fight the Empire on their own. Finally he found her serving patrons in a middle class tavern, he fell in love instantly. A year had passed and their elder son Kael was born in 6 BBY. A few years later the youngest son of Kell, Arden is born. Kael looked more like their father meanwhile Arden took after their mother.

Shortly after Arden was born the Rebellion needed the aid of a Jedi and that Jedi was Kell Rozees. After the heroic death of Galen Marek they needed all the help they could get from a talented force user. Kell was searched out by the leaders of the Alliance to Restore the Republic to help them with their cause. Kell went to help the cause but never returned. Word got back that he was killed during a raid and Allana sent her beloved sons to Bespin to be raised by her distant relatives. The brothers never learned the fate of their mother.
Kael and Arden were loved dearly by their aunt and uncle but discouraged any talk or use of the force. “It was how Kell met his end and we don’t want the same to happen to you.” Kael and Arden were crushed. Kael passed on what little Kell taught him onto Arden as they grew older.

Learning to Fly! Edit

Kael was finally old enough and went out and learned how to fly a cloud car. He was immediately fascinated by them and started to take apart his uncles and made it better. He was a natural of course due to his connection and deep down in the back of his mind Kael was aware of this. As a lad Kael had a job in the mechanics shop, he would do all the grunt work such as cleaning up the floors, putting tools back in their respective spots and working at the front desk filling out paperwork. After a while an Iridonian Zabrak smuggler, Gent Strate would always bring his heavily modified Wayfarer class freighter in every now and then to get it refitted with the latest in hyperdrives, nav computers and even weapons. Most of the work was done under the table. Gent would always tell stories about how he would narrowly escape the Empire, dealing with Pirates trying to loot his cargo, and working for the rebellion. In his sleep he had a dream about his father searching for others to teach in the ways of the Force and he saw how he was drawn to his mother. Something clicked instantly; Kell wanted Arden and himself to learn the ways of the force. There was only one way to do this, run away from home. Before Kael left he wrote Arden a note:

Dear Arden,
When you receive this letter I will have gone to complete the training our father began before he became one with the Force. I can’t tell you the details of how I’m getting of planet or where I’m going because I don’t want you lie to our dearest aunt and uncle. Just let them know I’ve been offered a job as a mechanic for a good friend of Ulso. Promise me one thing brother; promise me you’ll take care of yourself. I’ve been having nightmares about you recently about you being swallowed by darkness.
Take care of yourself brother and I will return for you one day and pass on what I’ve learned. Father trained us for a reason. As long as some Jedi are alive, their ways will never be forgotten. Please don’t be upset with me. I’m doing what Dad wanted us to do.
May the Force be with you,Kael

Kael left the note on Arden’s bedside stand and brushed his hair aside. “I’ll miss you Arden, the force will always be with you.”

Kael snuck out the door and made his way to his aunt and uncles room. The boy walked up to his uncle first and whispered “Thank you Uncle Nox for everything, I won’t forget what you’ve done for us.” Kael looked over at his aunt as she stirred and murmured something that was hard to make out. He slowly made his way to her and looked down at her peaceful face. He gave her a kiss on her forehead and gave her a light squeeze. “Thank you,” Kael brushed the tear from the side of his face and ran out the door and made his way to the mechanics hangar and saw the Lonely Ranger sitting there with its side ramp lowered. He crept up the ramp and looked around and reached out into the force for any life forms just like his father had taught him. The coast was clear and hid in a cargo compartment.

Kael was awoken by the sounds of the thrusters firing up. He felt the ship shudder and heard its frame groan as the take off procedure began. It wasn’t even half an hour until he was discovered by the Iridonian smuggler. “You think you’re the first person trying to get a free ride off me kid?” Gent asked. Kael just looked down at the ground trying to figure out what to say next. He chuckled “Don’t worry about it kid, you’re not in trouble I’m just going to have to take you home.”
“No! Please don’t Gent. I ran away, I want to join the Alliance to Restore the Republic,” Kael cried.
“You are only what 13? 14? You’re too young to be fighting.” Gent reasoned.
“You don’t understand. I need to find someone that can teach me things my father couldn’t about the force.” Kael said miserably. Gent looked at the boy in shock and started to think it over in his head. Kael watched intently as Gent debated in his head; he was a smuggler not a parent he thought to himself. “Alright kid, you can join me but you have to earn your keep and learn how to fly the Ranger and I think I know just where to look for someone with that particular talent.” Gent said reassuringly.

Venturing to the Anoat Sector Edit

The Lonely Ranger blasted out of hyperspace and into the Imperial friendly Gerrenthum System. The freighter was hailed by the Gerrenthum authorities “What is your business in Gerrenthum?” the stern voice inquired. The Zabrak looked over at Kael sitting in the co-pilots and gave him a smugglers smile. “I’m carrying a passenger that wants to see their grandfather.” Gent answered confidently.

There was a brief pause on the other end. “Very well, you ship will be searched once you’ve landed in Hangar 4E-1.”
“Easier then baking a cake.” The Zabrak chuckled. “It’s time to take you to your grandfather.”
“I don’t have a grandfather. Well not any I’m aware of.” Kael whined.
“Relax kid I’m helping you out, I brought what I think is a Jedi to this very place about a year ago. Hopefully he is still here.” Gent reassured while plotting in the coordinates for the hangar. Kael just sat back and watched Gent fly his way into the hanger.
After days of searching the force finally drew Kael and Gent to the Jedi Master they were looking for in the most run down Cantina one could come to. “Maress Lunara never thought I’d see you again.” The Zabrak commented. A Mirialan woman dressed in a dark blue flight jacket with red stripes going down the sleeves stood up from her table to greet her new visitors. Her deep green eyes studied the boy and then she looked over at Gent. Kael had a hard time guessing how old the Mirialan was, she appeared to be in her late 30’s maybe early 40’s.
“I thought I told you to never approach me again Zabrak, now I’m going to have to follow through with the threat I made.” She said in a soft yet threatening tone. Gent took a defensive stance as she approached him and out of no where she threw herself on the Zabrak and gave him a hug. “It’s good to see you again my old friend. I could sense the boy when you guys entered the system.” Maress looked closely at the boy. “There is some potential with this one. What’s your name?”
“Kael, Kael Rozees,” he responded confidently and looked up curiously at the woman.
“When you’re running from the Empire it’s hard to make a living.” She chuckled “And yes I can read your thoughts, which will be the first thing we’ll work on. Your father would be disappointed that you didn’t protect those as well.”

Kael looked down, ashamed. “Don’t worry that’s why you are hear. I’ll be teaching you things you need to know. Now Gent, you will be coming with us, we’ll need transport to get to a safe place to train this boy.” The three of them made their way to the exit and walked back to the hangar. The Lonely Ranger set a course away from the empire.