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New Rebellion


Early Life Edit

Tiandra Kortal’s life has been surrounded in the shadow of her father and in Corellian politics in general. Born in Coronet to a wealthy businessman and his wife, Tiandra attended the best schools Corellia had to offer, quickly becoming part of the young elite in Corellian society that was derived from the politicians and entrepreneurs that made Corellia a Core World second only to Coruscant in importance. Tiandra gave little notice to the rising Rebellion during her youth, seeing the Empire as a symbol of Order and stability to the galaxy, a feeling echoed by her father.

Yet when the death of Palpatine and Darth Vader at the Battle of Endor changed the galactic landscape, Tiandra was shocked to learn her father would begin anew with a political career. His first role started as Mayor of Coronet, a position he held for a couple years as the rising New Republic expanded its control of the galaxy. During this period, Tiandra finished her primary schooling and attended Northern Coronet University, where she majored in Galactic Economics and Engineering. Hoping to become part of Corellian Engineering Corporation’s elite, Tiandra’s dreams quickly became nightmares as secondary education proved difficult for the young woman. A scandal involving an affair her father had with an intern further hurt Tiandra, as she put herself into self-exile from the rest of her classmates and dove into a deep depression. Becoming addicted to spice, Tiandra spent the next year of her schooling in and out of the hospital on several occasions, nearly dying from an overdose. It wasn’t till her father stepped in that Tiandra was able to turn around her life.

After Dalik Kortal, Tiandra’s father, learned that she was on the verge of expulsion from Northern Coronet University, the Mayor of Coronet took a week off from his busy schedule and took Tiandra to Tyrena for a personal rehab program. For that week, the pair worked together on various labor programs aimed at helping the less fortunate in Corellia, while also undergoing a strict regime to ensure sobriety. While the elder Kortal didn’t require the program, he specifically requested to be entered into it, having seen Tiandra’s failures as his fault. After the week had ended, the pair began to share a stronger bond, and Tiandra had declared sobriety from spice, a declaration she has held up through the present.

It was after this that Tiandra learned of her father’s wishes to become Senator of Corellia in the new senate formed by the New Republic. Giving up his place as Mayor of Coronet, he successfully ran a campaign that got him elected by the people of Corellia and sent to Coruscant. While Tiandra was disappointed that her father would now have even less time to spend with her, she was proud to see him enter the galactic stage. Finishing her schooling, Tiandra began work with CEC as Deputy Manager of Civilian Production, working with more advanced engineers to come up with product lines that would sell well and create further profit for the company. Success during the first year of her employment led to her advancement to Manager of Civilian Production, where she worked to debut freighters like the YT-3600, and it successive modification lines.

Entering Politics Edit

At the age of 25, Tiandra’s father urged her to enter into the Coronet Mayoral Election in order to follow in his footsteps and provide him with a domestic partner. Running on an anti-alien platform that espoused greater benefits for Coronet’s Human population at the expense of Drall, Selonians, and off-worlders, Tiandra won the election by a slight margin. While not fulfilling all of her anti-alien promises, Tiandra nevertheless became a popular political figurehead in the Corellian Planetary movement that sought greater power for Corellia and native Corellians. For the next two years, Tiandra worked side-by-side with her father on various tasks that would empower Corellia and its capital city, such as military arrangements with TechCore and the creation of large production facilities in order to attract more workers to the city. While the alien population of Coronet and Corellia itself slowly found itself with more restrictions, the Human Corellians gathered to give their support to the Kortals. This arrangement angered some within the New Republic such as Melian Naberrie, as Dalik Kortal was aiming for a beneficial relationship with the Empire should Nagel, who at this time was blockading Naboo, began a full-scale war.

Unfortunately, the arrangements with TechCore for military hardware as well as Dalik’s change of heart concerning aliens and Jedi after being rescued by a Kaminoan Jedi led for Nagel to choose a new target world before taking Naboo, Corellia. Coming out of hyperspace with a massive fleet and the even more titanic Burninator, Tiandra felt fear as she learned that the Empire had come to Corellia with what could be nothing less than an invasion force. Immediately working with one of Coronet’s contingency plans, Tiandra ordered the evacuation of Corellia’s major cities to the underground caverns of Corellia that led to the planetary repulsor present in all Corellian System planets. Making plans with CorSec to prepare for ground invasion using the TechCore equipment, Tiandra was surprised to learn that the Empire hadn’t come to invade, but to destroy.

For an hour, Tiandra listened as the turbolaser blasts from the fleet in orbit decimated the surface of Corellia, killing millions of innocent lives. For the next couple days, Tiandra and countless other Corellians waited in the caverns, wondering if Imperial troops would come to finish them off or if they would simply starve or run out of air. Fortunately, neither of those options occurred, and Tiandra was reunited with her father when he and countless other New Republic rescue crews entered the caverns. Coming up to the surface, Tiandra saw that her city, planet, and home were destroyed, becoming nothing but rubble. This event changed Tiandra’s mindset of the Empire and her approach to it completely, creating solidarity in her heart that the Empire must be destroyed at any cost. The coming weeks would eventually test the convictions Tiandra felt however, as her father ran for the seat of Chancellor only to become embroiled in an unimaginable dilemma.

Not long after the devastating Bombardment of Corellia, Mon Mothma, Chancellor of the New Republic, was killed in what was deemed to be a transport accident. While many suspected foulplay, it became evident that a need for a new Chancellor was necessary. This new individual, whoever it was, could not only alter where the Republic went, but the entire course of the galaxy. Quickly taking up a role as a candidate in the election, Tiandra’s father ran on a platform of a massive military build-up and offensive measures that would be aimed at putting the Empire on the run. With the destruction of his home planet and taking on the role of leading the government-in-exile of Corellia, Dalik Kortal quickly became a favorite among many in the New Republic. Another contender to the seat was Melian Naberrie, who had herself seen devastation caused by the Empire to her home of Naboo but advocated for a more peaceful approach towards fighting the Empire.

During this period, Tiandra Kortal went about campaigning for her father, travelling to planets such as Kashyyyk and forming friends among both the people and government bodies of these far off members of the Republic. Little did Tiandra know that during this period, Naberrie sought to discover incriminating information about Dalik Kortal, and Dalik had the most incriminating feature any politician could have in what was little more than a decade and a half after Palpatine, he was, or at least acted like, a Dark Jedi. Few were privy to the true facts regarding how Kortal became a Dark Jedi, but this information fortunately remained concealed till after the election.

Unfortunately for the Senator of Corellia turned Chancellor, work with Darth Malice would ultimately be discovered by Naberrie, and an aggressive effort made by Naberrie’s bodyguards forced Dalik Kortal to reveal a lightsaber, one that originally belonged to Narvic Darksaber, a Corellian Jedi bodyguard of Kortal up to his death at the hands of a Dark Jedi. Forced to flee and leave Yamato Kamiya and a Shi’ido Dark Jedi named Vicciam to face Naberrie’s small bodyguard group. Naberrie went without harm and Kamiya was captured, leading towards a warrant for Kortal’s arrest being issued.

Seeing himself as capable enough to face the charges, Kortal did so, able to pass off the lightsaber as merely a sentimental item he wielded around for what he saw as a threat by Naberrie. Being cleared of charges, Kortal went back to work as Chancellor, though this too was brief as Kortal was once more confronted, this time by Jedi. Fearing for his plans, Kortal fled to Tatooine where he hoped to get in contact with a group of Dark Jedi that had offered support to the man.

However, upon arriving on Tatooine, Dalik Kortal fell upon several Jedi Knights and members of New Republic Intelligence that tracked him there. Attempting to turn Sarran Kyzak to the dark side in order to join him, Kortal was foiled by Tonbacca and forced to flee while battling the Jedi with Narvic Darksaber’s lightsaber. While fleeing through the alleys of Mos Espa, he came across the Sith he was working for, Darth Malice. Malice, upset at Kortal’s inability to remain hidden, attacked the Chancellor and severely wounded him, apparently also stripping him of the ability to use the Force. Discovered and arrested by Chief of Intelligence Vinaste, Dalik Kortal was brought to the Coruscant Jedi Temple. Before his trial however, Kortal was murdered by Merak Bashee, an act known only to Bashee himself and one other individual and something that Tiandra would remain blind to even in her later dealings with Bashee.

Tiandra, learning all of the information about her father as well as seeing his death, blamed the Jedi for the murder of her father. Now acting as a representative for the Corellian government-in-exile, Tiandra sought to bring charges against the Jedi for having her father in their custody during his death. However, the fact that Kortal was revealed as a Dark Jedi meant that little support existed for this effort, as fellow representatives and members of the Senate ignored Tiandra’s calls as merely those of a grieving child.

Senator of the Corellian People Edit

What ultimately led to Kortal’s ascension to Senator for the in-exile Corellian people was a complicated and closely guarded process known only to Kortal and her aid, Merak Bashee. The fact that one of Dalik Kortal’s former aides, a Trandoshan, had become Senator of the Corellian People after Dalik became Chancellor infuriated Tiandra to no end. Not only were the Corellians being represented by an alien, it was an alien not even home to their system. When Tiandra met with the former Jedi known as Merak Bashee, she immediately took a liking to the young man, both for no longer being part of the Jedi but also for his charm and apparent capabilities. After several weeks of enjoying Bashee’s company, Kortal offered her plan to the young former Jedi, destroy the current Corellian Senator so that she may ascend to the spot. Promising Bashee great rewards, but also due to Bashee’s workings with the Dark Jedi Master responsible for putting the hit out on Dalik Kortal, Bashee agreed. In the dead of night, the ex-Jedi broke into the Trandoshan Senator’s room on Coruscant, disabling his guards and assassinating the Senator with the Force.

An investigation occurred and then the governing body of the in-exile Corellian government eventually landed towards Tiandra Kortal as becoming the new senator of Corellia. While Tiandra was young for a Corellian Senator, the lack of many other surviving political or economic heads meant that general traditions had to be overlooked. Thus, one of the last elected politicians to the Senate of the New Republic emerged not by a legitimate death, but by a deed of her own planning. Luckily for Kortal, she didn’t have to consider taking out the one person who knew the deed, as Merak Bashee joined Admiral Norz’s fleet shortly thereafter, becoming involved in the actions in the Deep Core and Outer Rim where their secret wouldn’t be divulged to anyone.

While Tiandra Kortal’s run as Senator for the in-exile Corellian government would only last a brief couple of months before the fall of Coruscant, Tiandra nevertheless became greatly involved in political affairs. One of her first actions involved a collaborative effort between CEC scientists and members of Kashyyyk’s technical community to produce a new starship that could help defend the New Republic systems that hadn’t been taken by Nagel. This completed ship, the Corellian-Kashyyykan Planetary Defense (CKPD) Cruiser was produced in limited numbers, but acted as a critical component in stalling Nagel’s advancing fleets in the Core and Inner Rim worlds. Kortal also worked as a member of the Senate’s security committee, a rarity among freshmen Senators, due to her access to CEC techs as well as what had happened to her world. Working as one of the few hawks in an increasingly Imperialist and pacifist Senate, Kortal quickly came to the realization of why people said that her father wanted to become a new Palpatine. For Kortal, the efforts of democracy that had been taken over by the enemy proved that it couldn’t work, and that a strong executive was needed to counter-act these policies.

Instead, Princess Leia Organa Solo, someone who had fought the Empire to great extents in the past and had ascended to becoming Chancellor upon the removal of Dalik Kortal, was overwhelmed by Imperial efforts. With little progress from either the executive of legislative branches of government, Kortal decided her best bet was to work out of normal channels and instead find a place to aid the in-exile Corellian people. This would fortunately save the young senator when Nagel took Coruscant, as the Grand Admiral purged the entire Senate of both rebel and imperialist alike in order to start anew.

After the New Republic fell apart and the Coalition of Free Systems formed, Kortal remained out of the limelight for several months. Having little contact with members of the former New Republic military, and having lost all her allies in the political area through the purge, Kortal sought to do what she could for her people by getting in contact with smugglers groups and using what little of her remaining funds she had to provide basic amenities to her people. When Nagel and the members of the coalition announced the creation of a New Empire, Kortal found herself surprisingly relieved to come out of hiding and emerge as a figure in the new Senator formed by Nagel.

As a Senator for the New Empire representing the Corellian people, Kortal was an instrumental figure in arguing for Corellia to be terraformed and made habitable again. Whether it be because he saw the coming war with the Praetorium or because he had some measure of compassion for the Corellians, Nagel agreed and the slow but steady process began to create a habitable Corellia again. In a surprising example of the Empire’s efficiency, Corellia’s terraforming didn’t take the usual years, but rather a matter of a few months to be complete. Finished by the time the Empire was in a full blown conflict with the Praetorium, Corellia quickly became a military staging area for the Empire.

During the transition period that saw Corellia terraformed into a habitable planet once more, Tiandra came across a relative of her father’s late bodyguard, Narvic Darksaber. Rolan Darksaber, cousin to the Corellian Jedi and a member of the Grey Jedi, sought out Kortal in hopes of finding a way to restore the life of his beloved relative after hearing a story related to him by the Dark Jedi Master Tempest. Tempest, having previously worked but failed in converting Kortal completely to his goals through Merak Bashee, hoped that the Corellian ex-Jedi Rolan Darksaber would be able to bring Kortal closer to his plans. Unfortunately for Tempest, Rolan rebelled against the Dark Jedi Master, failing to act out what Tempest wanted in corrupting the young politician as the ex-Jedi and Senator quickly became friends. Travelling on various journeys across the galaxy to find the remains of artifacts that could mysteriously resurrect Narvic, the pair were disheartened when one piece of the puzzle remained out of reach. Ultimately giving up the search together, Rolan and Tiandra entered into one of the sacred rituals of Jedi, with Rolan passing his lightsaber to Tiandra in exchange for Narvic’s lightsaber that Tiandra had kept as a memento to her father. While Tiandra was saddened to lose something that reminded her of her father, she hoped the possession of Rolan’s lightsaber as a keepsake would spell a new chapter in her life.

Some time passed after Rolan and Tiandra finished their journey and Tiandra continued aiding the Corellian people in both the Imperial Senate and on Corellia itself. Approximately twenty years after the Battle of Yavin, Corellia came under siege by Praetorium Forces seeking to enter the Core and occupy one of the key staging points of the Empire. Forced into the tunnels that had protected them during the bombardment, the Corellians fought hard against the Sith forces that besieged their planet. Many Jedi native to Corellia like Ringo Orlan, Anubis Necropoli, and Toron’Miil provided support during the efforts, helping eventually remove the Sith blockade and fight off the remaining ground-side forces. While Kortal was ground-side during much of the conflict aiding her beleaguered people, she lost the election that came shortly after the end of the conflict. Exit polls indicated that it wasn’t a failure of leadership that led many Corellians astray from Kortal, but rather her connections to her father that had cast her in a poor light. While in most circumstances it would be odd for this to suddenly emerge years after the incident with her father, the fact that numerous off-world Corellians came to Corellia to defend her and stayed to live and vote meant that a number of new views emerged on the planet. While Dalik Kortal was viewed in a positive light for his efforts post-bombardment on Corellia, the Empire and New Republic alike cast a shadow on him for his actions later on, skewing the view of those off-worlders who had less or no access to local Corellian media.

Distraught at her loss, Tiandra Kortal went to her private estate outside Kor Vella and remained there for the next few months, offering little views to the public or the media during this time. While many news reporters throughout the Empire and on Corellia herself suspected that Kortal was planning to live out her days in exclusion from the public, the young woman surprised many when she emerged in time for the election of the new Governor-General of Corellia. The current Governor-General, Anaklad Munk, was up for re-election and while popular, was seen as incompetent in the eyes of many Corellians for his efforts during the siege. Sending troops into battles they couldn’t win and doing little to support communities outside of Coronet, Anaklad was seen as a man that couldn’t help Corellia should she be attacked again.

While many of the off-world Corellians found the idea of voting for a Kortal to be a disgrace to Corellia, a number ultimately chose what they considered to be the lesser of two evils. Even if Kortal turned Corellia into a dictatorship or returned her to a monarchy, she could provide security that Anaklad was seen as being unable to achieve. Thus, on the first day of the new Corellian year, a month before the new year on Coruscant, Tiandra was sworn in as the first female Governess-General in Corellia’s history. Of all her plans however, the main circulated around a removal of the Empire and Nagel from the prime position in the galaxy. Yet in order to achieve this, Kortal knew that she needed allies both from Corellia and elsewhere. Seeking out Admiral Norz, currently a member of the Imperial Navy but formerly a New Republic Admiral, Kortal worked to urge the person who had worked to save Corellia so long ago to defect. Kortal’s attempt to do this shortly after the merger of the Empire and Coalition of Free Systems failed, but this time around Norz felt compelled to aid. Other allies emerged through CorSec, such as when a former soldier for the New Republic called Rish Tikka emerged onto the scene. Interested by some of his ideas in law enforcement, Kortal recruited him as the head of CorSec but also as a General in her new army. Working with these two key figures, Kortal slowly formed her New Rebellion.

Plans to use a strengthened Corellian military as a staging point for her Rebellion fell through however, as the Empire claimed victory against the Praetorium at the Battle of Naboo. The following restrictions on planetary militaries led Kortal to seek out another route. With a suggestion from Rish Tikka, Kortal worked with the Imperial governor present on Corellia to strengthen CorSec, giving the reason that with the fall of the Praetorium, crime would rise in and around the system. As the months have passed since the fall of the Praetorium, Kortal has steadily worked to turn the Corellian people towards her side while remaining within the good graces of the Empire. Bringing in the Bothan General Nyk’alath, Kortal helped establish a base on far-off Dantooine, which would aid in further efforts against the Empire in the Outer Rim. Unfortunately, the recent arrivial of a new Imperial Governor and the build-up of forces at Bela Vistal and elsewhere on Corellia have forced Kortal to begin reconsidering her current pace. With fears that the Empire suspects her activities and may try to overthrow her, Kortal has begun measures to quicken the pace of her Rebellion and strike before the Empire can discover her and her allies.

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