Timeline of RpG Inferno

4 ABY:

  • Destruction of the Second Death Star.
  • Ysanne Isard rises to take control of the Galactic Empire.
  • Uprisings remove Imperial control from Corellia.
  • Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa are captured by the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium at the Battle of Bakura.

5 ABY:

  • Kyle Katarn becomes a Jedi, using the lightsaber of deceased Jedi Qu Rahn to defeat the dark side force users of Lord Jerec before defeating the Dark Lord himself at the Valley of the Jedi.

6 ABY:

  • Technobeasts storm Coruscant, causing the deaths of millions before a group of intelligent technobeasts escape with the Executor-class Star Destroyer Lusankya. Ysanne Isard is killed in this attack, splintering the Empire.
  • Dark Jedi Knight Chantharos Turoik and his apprentice Araegen Maleyin begin a purge of sporadic Dark Side Force Users and declare a new Sith Order. They also seek information related to the mysterious Star Forge.
  • Kael Rozees emerges as an amateur Jedi in the galaxy after a brief stint as apprentice to Chantharos Turoik. In time, he takes on Sumay Noon as his apprentice, and they begin a series of adventures to learn more about the Force.
  • The Imperial Nova Fleet, led by Commodore Oliver Wynnton, emerges as a moderate faction within the Empire, promoting peace between the galaxy's species and accepting Force Users, a group that would come to be known as Imperial Paladins.
  • Cronal, a Dark Force User who once served Emperor Palpatine, emerges to lead the Empire to victory against the New Republic. He declares himself Dark Lord of the Sith and Emperor, taking the major Imperial factions under his control and formenting attacks against the New Republic
  • An ancient Star Map is located on Nirauan, leading to a confrontation between Chantharos Turoik's darksiders, Cronal's forces, and forces of a mysterious group known as the Hand of Thrawn. Araegen Maleyin is captured by Cronal's forces, and Lehon is identified as the location of the Star Forge.

7 ABY:

  • With the Star Forge's location identified, Dark Jedi Master Vicciam and Kael Rozees' Jedi aid Chantharos Turoik in his quest to reach the planet, rescue his apprentice, and defeat Cronal.
  • The New Republic is alerted to the location of the Star Forge by Kael Rozees, and Commodore Magnus Tride takes his fleet to engage the Imperial forces massed at Lehon where a partially rebuilt Star Forge awaits.
  • Commodore Wynnton, with his fleet in service to Cronal at Lehon, changes sides after a second meeting with Jedi Knight Kael Rozees, aiding the New Republic against Cronal and leading the smaller Imperial factions against the larger ones.
  • Sacrificing himself into the heart of the Star Forge, Araegen Maleyin is able to temporarily empower his allies, allowing them to finally overpower and destroy Cronal with Chantharos Turoik delivering the killing blow.
  • The Jedi and Dark Jedi forces escape to Lehon as the Star Forge self destructs, landing on Lehon and battling Imperial forces to aid the New Republic and allied Imperial forces in orbit.

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